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All appointments require a minimum $50 deposit. A $100 deposit will be required for large scale pieces.
The deposit is non-refundable and comes off the total cost of your tattoo. You get one re-book if you request to reschedule your appointment. If you no-show or cancel within 72 hours you will lose your deposit. If you require multiple design changes or a completely different design a secondary deposit will be required.

To book a flash appointment:

1: Pick a flash from the available ones below

2: Add it to your cart and checkout by paying the deposit

3: After paying your deposit, you will be directed to the booking page to finish the process

If you have any difficulties or questions you can contact me through the contact form or at

All appointments are flat rate. Most of the pieces range from $170-$250 depending on size, placement, colour, etc. Please request if you need a quote for your appointment. 

Remaining payment can be made at the end of your appointment with cash, credit or eTransfer. 

*Please note: You are purchasing the deposit only. Final price will depend on size, placement, etc. If you have a specific budget please note this in the booking form

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